Thursday, October 9, 2008

things as of late...

so...alot's happened as of late that I haven't posted...things like celebrating april's bday in fw @ mi cocina's....ladies night last weekend in downtown fw and my 1st trip 2 see 4 Day Weekend Improv. Club...great conversations with some of my closest friends in the car on the way home @ 11 something @ night...and YES we are all mom's, so what were we thinking! But don't hold out 4 any photos of those events, i'm big and pregnant and i don't care 2 see pics of that plastered anywhere right now! :)

but what i'm really blogging about is on a more serious note. i'd like prayer 4 my mom. she's had a rough oh maybe 2 years now. makes me sad thinking about it...because it's been the first two years of my sweet boy Owen's life. and during the arrival of my 2nd sons life, all joyous events...but dampened by this evil looming cloud that satan's using right now. the details are tricky to explain, just keep her health physically and mentally in your weighs heavy on me...though i may not speak about it.

thanks girls.