Monday, November 24, 2008

Levi's Arrival

Levi Paul Gray made his arrival Monday night @ 7:04 weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. 21 1/4 in.

Well it was a perfect day and all I had hoped and expected it 2 be, minus going home with a catheter (long story). We're all adjusting really well to being a family of 4, of course we aren't in reality yet because Paul's off all this week and all our friends are spoiling us rotten with dinner every night. So that's not much of reality @ all is it? But regardless we are loving the great treatment and Owen's loving dad being home so much.

There's alot more birth details, but let's just say that's available upon request. Thanks everyone 4 all the sweet calls, visits, flowers, meals...we're truly blessed!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let the Games Begin...

so, I'm officially 37 weeks tomorrow and have 2 wait till friday for my next checkup which i'm really anxious to see whether it's same-0 same-0 or if there's been any change. this may all be too much information but hey, only those closest 2 me ought 2 be reading this anyways. but when pg and i went in last wednesday 4 my 36 wk. checkup i was informed i was already dilated to a 1 and 30% effaced. i know, i know, big can be dilated to a 1 for months. regardless i was excited seeing how when i had owen i was induced with no signs that my body was preparing itself 4 labor as God intended. so this is all new to me! long story short i had an emergency c-section with owen and am attempting a VBAC with baby boy gray #2. so paul and i would really appreciate your prayers. we have a peace about it, but there are some potential risks and we are so TRUSTING GOD for a glorious delivery day and delivery that we didn't get with our sweet boy owen.

also, if u think of it i'm going with my mom this wednesday 4 her to have another biopsy of her thyroid. she'd appreciate your prayers.

i know blogs without pics are rest assured in few weeks when i have a new wee tot i will quit making posts without pics. :)